Check Out The Trailer For The Zombie Flick ‘3 Hours Till Dead’

3 Days Till Dead


The trailer has just arrived for writer-director Jason Mill’s 3 Hours Till Dead, starring Vladamir Zaric, Chris Walters and Hans Potter.

In in the film, an AWOL soldier with PTSD goes into hiding along with his brother and a few friends.  They retreat into a rural farm area unaware that the outside world has ceased to function.  On their way back to civilization, his brother is attacked by an infected farmer. He quickly morphs into a rabid animal and lives for exactly three hours. Realizing they are in grave danger, they head back to the forest trying to outlive the legions of the infected.

3 Hours Till Dead will open in select theaters and arrive on VOD on April 21, 2017 from Gravitas Ventures.

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