Eli Roth To Produce New Amityville Movie ‘1974’


Eli Roth is a busy man. Not only is Roth producing the upcoming Halloween film Haunt, he will also be producing the upcoming film 1974 that will explore the true story behind one of the most well known haunted houses, the Amityville house.



Casey La Scala, who produced the long delayed movie Amityville: The Awakening, will be in the director’s chair. Production is set to begin this September and will center on the DeFeo murders murders that took place one year before the Lutz family moved into the house, only to leave 28 days later after a plague of paranormal activity. 1974 will be the first film about the happenings at the Amityville house that will feature the Defeo murders.



No cast has been announced, but as soon as they are we will let you know.

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