Flowers Fight Back in ‘FLORA’

Plants haven’t been given a good wrap in horror movies in recent years, with high profile bombs like The Happening and The RuinsĀ making audiences everywhere if shrubs can actually be scary. Well one upcoming film is looking to put the fear back in flowers.

FLORA, set in 1929 and already racking up some impressive awards if its website is anything to judge by, follows a small expedition of botanists entering an uncharted forest system and having to fight back against the ancient and deadly plant life that surrounds them.

How those plants actually go about the process of murder is yet to be seen, although I could do without yet another film featuring acidic vines. The trailer is certainly slick, and the early 20th century setting could potentially be a lot of fun. If this film is a sort of The Ruins meets King Kong, what with all the galavanting around desolate forests and Model T’s, it could certainly be interesting.

Premiering in North America this September, before you go see Flora there’s still plenty of time to stop and sniff the roses. I’d watch out sticking my nose too deep into them though if I were you……

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