Max Landis Speaks Out About Remaking ‘ An American Werewolf In London’


With the film industry determined to remake/reboot every genre film we ever loved (at least that’s how it feels), it seems no classic is off limits. It was just a matter of time before John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London was added to the loooong list of revamped films.

We reported back last year that Max Landis, John’s son, is remaking his father’s 1981 classic (at least it is staying in the family). Robert Kirkman and David Albert, the producers of ‘The Walking Dead’ are the source of the idea to do the remake and will produce under their Skybound banner.

Max recently spoke with IMDb about the project:

I’m gonna write it and I think I’m gonna direct it,” Landis said. “I like the script I wrote, you know? I’m halfway through it right now, I hope it turns out great.”

He went to make it clear that he understands that fans are concerned and that he is not promising anything.

I promise you nothing,” he continued. “My new gimmick as a public figure is, I promise you nothing!”

Those comments left us a little concerned, but we aren’t the only ones. According to Max, his father wasn’t very happy about the news.

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