Rick And Morty Board Alien: Covenant In New Clip

Fans of Cartoon Network’s hilarious “Adult Swim” seriesĀ Rick and Morty are eagerly awaiting the second episode of the third season which will air this summer. They are almost as excited as fans of the Alien franchise to see Alien: Covenant open in theaters on May 19th. There is a new clip, which is brilliant, that combines the two in the same universe.




While in space, Rick and Morty receive a signal for help from a ship in trouble. At Morty’s insistence, he and Rick board the Covenant and discover the key to the crew’s survival.



Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s comical masterpiece, Rick and Morty, centers on super scientist Rick, who spends most of his time tanked, and the adventures he has with his grandson Morty. Both characters are voiced by Roiland. One upcoming episode involves Roiland to get very drunk. Yeah, it’s that kind of show.



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