Yet Another TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Reboot Gets a Release Date

I love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There’s a good chance you love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In fact, I’d guess it would be pretty hard to find a horror fan that doesn’t love, or at least respect, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now all that being said, do we really need another reboot? Well the good folks over at Lionsgate apparently think so, because were getting reboot number four!


        As far as the poster goes I will say I hate the feeling of wet socks, although I’m still not sure a puddle and skinny shins were the right direction to take. The plot itself, set to follow a teenage Leatherface breaking out of an asylum and kidnapping a nurse, doesn’t excite me either. While part of me wonders a little if his masks ever get adolescent acne, mostly it’s just boring.

      After all, isn’t  that what a hulking, cousin fucking cannibal in a skin mask needs; and in-depth  examination of what caused him to want to turn human bodies into burgers. So Leatherface is basically Hannibal Rising, except somehow even worse.

     Maybe this one will surprise me, but I’m not revving my chainsaw before its gassed. When the best film in your franchise came out 40 years ago, and the last half way decent one over 30, maybe its time to retire the power tools to the garage.

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