Patricia Gibran RickWorld War Z hits theaters nation-wide this Friday, but a select few fans of the Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force got to attend a special sneak-preview in West Palm Beach Tuesday night.

While we can’t spoil anything about the film – we were happy to meet some new fans and get their impressions.

Patricia and Gibran Phidd of West Palm, pictured with Colonel Zwift, said World War Z was very well thought out. It was exhilarating, intense, emotionally stimulating, with constant edge of your seat action.

“I’d have to say this was the best screening Ive been too this year,”  said Patricia, concluding with a much appreciated “ZADF YOU ROCK!!”

Patricia and Gibran were the only souls brave enough to don the Zombie look in West Palm that night, but I had a lot of folks coming up to me telling me they were wearing their zombie on the inside.  What about you, are you ready for the war of the undead, are you ready for World War Z?

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