Lionsgate’s ‘Nightlight’

nightlight 2

Lionsgate brings us a new found footage film titled ‘Nightlight’. The movie follows a group of five friends who have come to a “mysterious” forest ┬áthat has a long history of attracting troubled people who are suicidal. The group has come to play a game, but may get more than they bargained for.

nightlight 1

‘Nightlight’ was written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. The movie stars Shelby Young (The Social Network), Chloe Bridges (The Carrie Diaries), Carter Jenkins (The Following), Mitch Hewer (Behaving Badly), Taylor Ashley Murphy (Barefoot) and Kyle Fain (The Social Network).

nightlight 3

‘Nightlight’ will be released March 27, 2015.


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