Ash’s Origin Story And More Will Be Revealed In Season 3 of Ash VS Evil Dead


Starz’s goretasic series ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ wrapped filming for its third season back in June. And the show’s lead, Bruce Campbell, has steadily been dropping hints about the new season.

Campbell made the comment that this season will be a game changer for the show that was inspired by the 1981 classic Evil Dead that he also starred in.  He promises that “nothing will ever be the same,” after the season 3 finale.

We already know that this season is all about family. Campbell has already confirmed that his iconic character, Ash Williams, is the father of a teenage daughter and we will meet her this season.

Wait until you see Season 3, baby,” Campbell told Dawn Bourn at the award show. “Off the charts. We’re jumping off a cliff at the end. It’ll never be the same… the world will never be the same at the end of this season. There’s some big shit that happens. Ash’s daughter. Ash has a child. And she’s in trouble. She’s a target. Ya know, the demons are like the mafia… will go after your family. So he has to not only save the world – he has to raise a daughter. A teenager… an unruly teenager. So there’s some really cool stuff coming.”

Arielle Carver-O’Neill has joined the cast as Brandy, a smart all-American high school senior whose life is changed forever when she finds herself in the middle of a demonic event. It sounds like O’Neill may be playing Ash’s daughter. That hasn’t been confirmed, but it would make sense.

Earlier this month during a talk with Dread Central, Campbell stated that Ash’s hero origin story will be explored more than it was in the original film trilogy.

The mythology’s going to kick in now, which will give us all an idea of why Ash was chosen – this average idiot… this fool was written of in an ancient book,” Campbell said. “So Season 3 is where it all will come to a head – the ultimate mettle of the average man will be tested by these demonic forces, and if man fails, then evil will rule the earth – those are the stakes.”

Campbell stars as a one handed, chainsaw toting, deadite slaying, ladies man with Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago) at his side as they fight to keep evil from taking over the world.  Lucy Lawless co-stars as the sometimes good, sometimes evil character Ruby.



I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to for season 3 of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’. The premiere date has not been announced as of yet, but we should see it this fall or spring of 2018. Groovy.


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