A Recap Of The Walking Dead – Episode 14 “The Other Side”

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Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was pretty eventful. There were tears, revelations, character detail reveals, and a little action.

The Saviors showed up at HillTop, Maggie, who they think is dead, and Daryl who escaped their compound, almost got caught. While hiding, they finally talked about Glenn’s death. When Daryl cries, we all cry. Honestly, the scene left me shipping Maggie and Daryl (Daggie, Darma, Maryl).



We also found out that Gregory is a pathetic suck up who is seriously concerned Maggie will take his place. He even went so far as to threaten Jesus and told him that he better start carrying his weight. He also plans to move the “guests” out of his trailer. Gregory is messing with the wrong people.



Sash and Rosita went to the Savior compound on a mission to kill Negan. While hiding in a building they finally talked and worked out their drama.



Once Sasha and Rosita arrived at the compound’s gate, they found Eugene who has clearly become “Negan”. He ran away like a sobbing little girl back into the building when they told him the would rescue him. It’s official, I’m sick of Eugene. He is the weakest character to ever be on The Walking Dead and it’s ┬átime for them to kill him off, at least that’s my opinion.

Sasha locked out Rosita at the fence and Rosita was forced to flee the compound. On her way out she saw a shadow of someone, most likely Dwight. Could he betray Negan in ┬áthe final two episodes? Let’s hope so. TWD have laid out the groundwork for Sasha’s death, which won’t be a huge surprise seeing that she has been cast as a lead character on another series.



There was a brief moment in a scene with Maggie and Jesus talking on the steps of his trailer that has many fans in a tizzy. While Jesus was telling her that he had a hard time getting close to people, he said two words that got the fandom worked up “…and boyfriends”. That’s right, Jesus is gay. But the comic book fans already knew that. So, the badass, ninja-like character is gay? Big effing deal. It has no effect on how awesome he is. In fact, it changes absolutely nothing.



There are only two episodes left in season seven (I know it sucks). On next week’s episode (And Here We Are), the group is headed out on a mission to find guns, Gregory is going to try to take out Maggie, and it appears Sasha has been caught.



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