Rebel Flesh Summon Satanic Seduction In New Music Video

Austin, Texas horror punks Rebel Flesh revel in all things sinister and sexy in the music video for new song, “Shadows”. The song, a sonic midpoint between the impishly playful vibe of punk/power pop heroes the Vibrators and the syrupy-smooth sound of the late 1980s Ramones, is perfectly accompanied by footage of a creepy cutie kneeling in a pentagram, playing with a blood-drenched dagger, and the band plying their craft. Later in the video, the demonic baddie summoned by the seductive Satanist comes a’ calling, and she doesn’t seem too thrilled. What did she¬†think¬†was going to happen?


“Shadows” is a breath of fresh air in the overcrowded morgue that is horrorpunk, as is all of the band’s material to date. Now, all we need is a co-headlining world tour with these Texas terrors and Swedish scare-rockers the Dahmers, and all will be right in the world.

Watch the new “Shadows” music video below.


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