Netflix Orders The Series Adaption Of THE WITCHER Saga

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Netflix has yet another original series in the works, based on the eight Witcher novels, with author Andrej Sapkowski on board as a creative consultant. Not only is Sapkowski “thrilled” about the new series, he says it will “stay true to the source material”.

Known as The Witcher saga, the New York Times best selling books spawned a hit video game franchise by the same name. Tom Baginski who directed the intros for all three Witcher games will be directing at least one of the episodes each season. That’s right, I said seasons.

The novels center on hunters, known as “witchers”,  who develop supernatural abilities as a young age to battle monsters.



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Sean Daniel (The Mummy), Jason Brown (The Expanse), Tomek Baginski (The Cathedral), and Jarek Sawko (Another Day of Life) will serve as executive producers for the show, THR reports.




There is no word yet which characters or which stories will be featured. While a release date has not been announced, we do know that the show going to be awesome!


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