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RESIDENT EVIL Receives the Reboot Order Less Than Six Months After The Series Ends

Alongside The Matrix and Underworld, Resident Evil was one of the original “attractive people in leather kick ass” films, released all the way back in 2002, with an array of less and less impressive sequels following. The powers at be finally decided to put a bullet in the gassy franchises head with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter […]

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First Look at The Predator Set

News keeps pouring in about the upcoming Predator film.  Finally, a picture from the set has surfaced.  I am positive there will be many more, but this first one is extremely exciting.  Not only does it show Thomas Jane chilling on a tank, but it shows TWO Predators. This film is not a reboot.  It […]

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Inheritance Poster

Blood Is Shed In The Teaser For INHERITANCE

  From writer-director Tyler Savage comes the psychological thriller Inheritance whose trailer has just arrived. Chase Joliet (It Comes At Night), Sara Montez (Pitch), Tim Abell (Sniper: Special Ops), Kate Norby (The Devil’s Rejects), Drew Powell (Gotham), Dale Dickey (True Blood), and Krisha Fairchild (Krisha) co-star.     In the film Ryan Bowman has just […]

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