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‘Don’t Speak’ This March, There’s A Monster On the Loose

    It wasn’t supposed to escape…now it’s on the hunt. This March, writer-director Scott Jeffrey (Cupid) sets a terrifying creature free in the horror film Don’t Speak. Upon arriving at their grandparent’s farm, a family soon realizes the entire town has been slaughtered by an unknown monster… And soon, the family find themselves fighting to […]

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An Invisible Friend Terrorizes A Family In The International Trailer For ‘Z

    The international trailer for Z is terrorized by an invisible friend. This terrifying flick was directed by Brandon Christensen, who co-wrote the film with producer Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters). The two also teamed up to bring us Still/Born. Keegan Connor Tracy (Bates Motel), Sean Rogerson (Grave Encounters) and Jett Klyne (Sky Scraper) star in the film that centers […]

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Understanding Coronavirus

You’re seeing it all over the news, may it be on TV, your phone, newspapers, websites, you name it; everyone is talking about Coronavirus. The disease was formally known as the “Wuhan Virus” as the outbreak originated in the capital city of Wuhan in the province of Hubei in China. The name was changed to […]

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Oscar Winning Film ‘Parasite’ To Stream Exclusively Of Hulu

    Hulu has snagged the exclusive US streaming rights to the dark South Korean thriller Parasite that took home 4 Oscars this year, including Best Picture, Best International Film, Best Director, and Best Original Screen Play. From filmmaker Bong Joon Ho, the film explores socioeconomic inequality in South Korea. It follows an impoverished, basement-dwelling […]

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Avengers Actor Chris Evans To Star In The ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ Remake

    Avengers star Chris Evans is set to star as the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello in Greg Berlantieg’s upcoming remake of 1986’s Little Shop of Horrors, Geek Tyrant reports. Originally played by Steve Martin, the character is the abusive boyfriend of Audrey who enjoys inflicting pain on his patients. Scarlett Johansson is in negotiations […]

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Train To Busan Sequel ‘Peninsula’ Coming This Summer

Director Yeon Sang-ho‘s Train to Busan made waves internationally back in 2016, since then, fans of the action-packed zombie film have been chomping at the bit to see a sequel and now it’s finally on its way.  Today, we have an update. Well Go USA has now acquired the distribution rights to Peninsula. for the […]

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The Dead Rise In The Trailer For ‘A Wakefield Project’

    The dead walk among us in the first trailer for A Wakefield Project, a unique sci-fi horror film premiering this March. Directed by L.A. Lopes, the story follows a group of townspeople suddenly seeing the dead living among them. “Eric (Anthony Bewlz, Tooth Fairy) and Reese (Dennis Andres, Workin’ Moms) invest in a property […]

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Thriller ‘Disrupted’ Making Its World Premiere At Cinequest

    Later this year, writer-director Andre Welsh‘s thriller Disrupted is set to arrive in theaters and digital. For longtime Oakland resident, Pete, survival is an endless struggle in a gentrified, tech-driven world that’s left him in its dust. But he’s clean and sober, has rectified a relationship with his daughter, and the memories of […]

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guns akimbo

Movie Review: Guns Akimbo (2019)

Miles (Daniel Radcliffe), is a real nerds nerd… a trolling mother fucker of a game designer, who loves nothing more than pissing off the fanatics of “Skizm”, a deathmatch club streamed live online. As one would guess, Miles luck in the ball bustin’ game only lasts so long, and  he pisses off the wrong motherfucker […]

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