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‘Krampus’ Is Coming This Holiday Season

  Legendary Pictures in-conjunction with Universal will be unleashing ‘Krampus’ this year. This horror-comedy follows Max, played by Emjay Anthony (Insurgent)  . The young man has turned his back on Christmas during the holiday, as his family’s dysfunction reaches an all time high. Krampus, an ancient deity who punishes bad children on Christmas and is the […]

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Chase Smith’s Horror Anthology ‘Creature Feature’

Five tales of terror, all taking place on a foggy Halloween night in Georgia, connect together to create this indie horror anthology titled ‘Creature Feature’. In the first segment a babysitter learns of the consequences of being irresponsible. In the next tale a group of collage kids stumbles on the “mother of all scarecrows”. Next, […]

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A Paranormal Team Must Face What’s ‘In the Dark’

Grad student Veronica Carpenter (Lynn Justinger), looking for information for her thesis paper, interviews world renowned paranormal investigator Dr. Lois Kearne (Fiona Horrigan). Veronica joins Dr. Kearne on a field study at the home of a Brooklyn family plagued by paranormal activity. Once at the home the the investigators are faced with a barrage of […]

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Take Your Little Monster To See ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ !

For all you horror fans out there with kids, you may be looking for a way to introduce your little monsters to the classic monsters of horror. Sony pictures’ 2012 animated movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’ is perfect and it’s sequel will be debuting on September 25th in theaters. Both films were written by Robert Smigel and […]

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Video Game Review: Evolve

“Evolve” is the newest First Person Shooter from ‘Left 4 Dead” developers Turtle Rock Studios, available right now for XBOX ONE, Playstation 4 and PC. “Evolve” sells itself as the newest innovator of the FPS genre by throwing out the generic “Player Vs Player death match” formula and opts out to introduce what they are […]

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