An Interview With Actress Bianca Bradey Of ‘Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead’

I had the chance to interview actress Bianca Bradey. Bradey’s most recent film was the zombie film ‘Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead’. In the movie Bradey plays the role of Brooke, a badass heroine that develops the power to control zombies after she recieves a series of shots from a deranged scientist after being kidnapped. […]

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Game Of Thrones Actor Joins Underworld V

We previously reported that both Kate Beckinsale, who plays the role of Selene, and Theo James will be returning to their roles for the latest sequel of the ‘Underworld’ franchise. The sequel’s title, ‘Underworld: Next Generation’. Today news comes via Bloody-Disgusting that ‘Game of Thrones’ actor  Tobias Menzies will be playing a leading role as the […]

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Halloween III: A Second Look

  “You don’t really know much about Halloween.”  – Conal Cochran  It’s the one without Michael Myers. It has nothing to do with the other movies. This one sucks. Right? Well you’re right on two counts.  Halloween III: Season of the Witch does not have Michael Myers. It is not connected in any way to […]

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What We Do In The Shadows Getting A Sequel

Last years’  horror-comedy ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ was an international hit with horror fans. If you enjoyed the movie, we have good news, ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ is getting a sequel! Jemaine Clement co-wrote the first movie and who played Vladislav, confirmed during an interview with ‘Stuff’ in New Zealand that […]

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‘Lost In The Pacific’ Coming Soon In 3D

Director Vincent Zhou’s upcoming film ‘Lost in the Pacific’ will go down in film history as the first English-language film to be made by a Chinese production company. The film explores the events surrounding a luxury transoceanic flight that goes down during an unexplained event. ‘Superman Returns’ actor Brandon Routh will star along side Zhang […]

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