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A Trio Of African American Women Producers Hope To Change Horror With ‘The Dark Rite’

Three female producers are looking to change the way that we see African Americans in horror films. Often African American characters are the first to die and are cast into particular stereotypes. Nicole Sylvester, Trevite A. Wills and Stephanie Dawson want to help put an end to that. The three women are well versed and […]

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Four Cops Experience Hell In The Turkish Horror Film ‘Baskin’

Can Evenol hopes to introduce audiences to a new vision of Hell with his new film ‘Baskin’, which will premier at Toronto’s International Film Festival beginning September 10th during Midnight Madness. The film will be released November 13th. In ‘Baskin’ a squad of cops stumble across a Black Mass in an abandoned building and unknowingly pass […]

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The 90s: Designer Horror

Somewhere in the 80s, someone got the idea that horror should be less frightening and more sexy and trendy. I am not sure where it happened, but a good starting point might be Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The “World Premiere Video” back when MTV aired videos and before its implosion was the thing to see. Director […]

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