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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back For ‘Terminator 6’ (Status Update)

    He said, “I’ll be back.” and he meant it. Arnold Schwarzenegger will return as the T-800 model for Terminator 6. Linda Hamilton is also returning to star alongside new cast member, Blade Runner actress Mackenzie Davis.     Terminator 6 will be a direct sequel to T2: Judgment Day and will completely ignore the existence of the other […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jackie Chan Star In Russian Film Viy 2

2014’s Russian film ‘Viy’ (aka Forbidden Empire), based on Nikolai Gogol’s novel by the same name, was a hit. Now, director Oleg Stepchenko is wrapping up the sequel with several big stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan and Rutger Hauer. The sequel, simply titled ‘Viy 2’, was filmed in China and is now in post-production, according […]

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