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Movie Review: Housesitters (2018)

Housesitters Angie and Izzy land a cushy lil’ job…house sitting (go figure). They spend their time at “work” smoking drugs, watching porn, and generally assing around. Of course the owner of the abode has been up to Satan knows what and unleashed a pint-sized demonic nightmare that begins stalking and slaying with wild abandon. Can […]

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Jason Coffman Makes His Directorial Debut With The Horror-Comedy ‘Housesitters’

The trailer has arrived for Chicago-based filmmaker Jason Coffman’s feature film debut Housesitters, via Tomorrow Romance. Inspire by films like Ghoulies, the female-driven horror-comedy follows the misadventures of Angie (Annie Watkins, “Jan” in the original New York and Chicago runs of hit stage production The Brady Bunch) and Izzy (Jamie Jirak, formerly of Chicago’s pH […]

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