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Never Before Played Level Coming To ‘Destroy All Humans!’

As our Furon overlord’s liberation approaches, old and new fans alike are no doubt getting excited to get their monkey paws on a copy of Destroy All Humans! set to arrive peacefully to our planet on Earth-date July 28, 2020, but more excited news is here about the remake/reboot of the game, it will include […]

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The Furon Empire Celebrates The 4th Of July In ‘Destroy All Humans!’ Trailer

The Furon Empire wishes Earthlings a happy 4th of July with something better than fireworks…exploding buildings, and just any buildings I might add!         Destroy All Humans! is a third-person shooter where players take on the role of a Furon invader called Crypto who loves his job…too much. As Crypto, players will […]

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‘Destroy All Humans!’ Is Coming Back!

    Everyone’s favorite sarcastic alien invader from the 2000s is back! No not Zim, Crypto 137! THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have announced today the remake of the comedic alien invasion game Destroy All Humans! If you never heard of the game, you really missed out! Destroy All Humans! parodies everything we love […]

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It’s A Cold World Out There: Game Review Of ‘Fade To Silence’

THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have given me the opportunity to try out their new post-apocalyptic RPG, Fade to Silence, a game that takes you to what remains of our world after an unknown otherworldly cataclysm caused it to become a broken frozen wasteland. Does the game deliver salvation or will it leave you […]

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