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Movie Review: Veronica is a Fun Supernatural Yarn

Veronica has got it rough all over; since her father died her mother has to work mega long hours leaving V-dawg in charge of her young siblings…when she isn’t attending classes at the local Catholic school that is. Speaking of that school, Veronica and two of her friends get the absolutely dip-shit idea to head […]

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Now On Netflix: ‘Veronica’, A Movie So Scary People Can’t Finish It

    Netflix is embracing the horror genre, and for that we are thankful. Netflix is now streaming Veronica, a film so scary that some people are turning it off mid-movie and what’s more, it has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.The film, from Paco Plaza who delivered the 2007 zombie flick [REC], stars Sandra Escacena, […]

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From the Director Of [REC] Comes Veronica

  Ouija boards have always been a thing of mystery and and curiosity. Both Ouija and Ouija: Origin of Evil were pretty well received. Now, Paco Plaza is aiming to delve into the unknown with his film revolving around the “talking board”. Paco Plaza who delivered the 2007 zombie flick [REC], will be introducing us to Veronica, written by […]

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