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Stay Out Of The Water ‘Crocodylus’ Is Coming (New Trailer)

  From director Myles Erfurth and co-writer Michael Mclaren comes Crocodylus, the story of a small town faced with a ferocious beast and the new trailer has just bared its teeth.     In the film, excitement and joy descend upon a small mid-Florida town called Peaceful Creek, as they kick-off Spring Break.  NDMD 11 news station […]

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Movie Review: Soft Matter (2018)

Two scientists work in a run down facility performing bizarre experiments that result in half human/half marine life hybrids…all in the name of discovering the secrets of immortality. Into that strangeness step two graffiti artists hoping to make an artistic statement (based on ghosts…). Before long  a Sea-god is walking the Earth, wine and cheese […]

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‘Lake Placid: Legacy’ Premieres On Syfy This May

In 1999, Lake Placid swam in and Syfy quickly went to work creating the franchise. The latest film, Lake Placid: Legacy, is set to premiere this May. Darrell Roodt directed the film, which stars Joe Pantoliano, Katherine Barrell, Tim Rozon, Sai Bennett, Luke Newton, Craig Stein, and Greg Kriek.   Legacy, “Taking place several years after […]

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Movie Review: Basket Case is the Greatest Grindhouse Creature Feature Ever Made!

Small-town boy Duane Bradley arrives in the sleazy and deranged hell on Earth more commonly known as ’80’s New York City with a strange basket in tow. What bring’s him to the Big Apple you may ask? Just your simple lust for revenge against the shady doctors that surgically removed his horrendously deformed twin brother […]

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Movie Review: Monkey Farm is a Found Footage Creature Feature With Something New to Offer!

A group of intrepid documentary film makers toil away making a film about the ethics of animal testing…a journey which leads them to a former testing site now supposedly utilized as a primate sanctuary. Upon arriving, they find the facility long abandoned, in complete disrepair, and full of an ungodly stench. As their investigation continues […]

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Movie Reviews: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is Perfect for Horror Hounds with a Taste for the Bizarre!

  Tomatoes begin going absolutely batshit insane and devouring people after genetic crop experimentation goes sideways (timely today as in 1978) …what is the nation to do? Well, for starters they wrangle a task force led by the erstwhile Mason Dixon and including master of disguise Sam Smith, champion swimmer Gretta Attenbaum, scuba diver Greg Colburn, and […]

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