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Ten Minute Trailer Released For The Horror Comedy Series “Cursed”

      A 10-minute teaser trailer has been released from the pilot episode of the horror comedy series “Cursed“, from Connor Fairclough, the creator of Head Above Water and award-winning producer Tristan Barr.   Ever been interrupted by an interdimensional force of evil whilst on the toilet? Or had to take responsibility of a […]

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Japan’s Cursed Ghost Story?

Japan is a unique country because of its ability to embrace the changing world around them while still having hold of its cultural roots. Storytelling, a fixture in Japanese entertainment, evolved over the years and the introduction of motion picture help not only tell stories of the past to newer generations but to outsiders curious […]

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The Little Mermaid – Pain, Love, and Death

Years ago, when I was in school, the entirety of students were shuffled into the gym for a long-forgotten reason, sat down on the hard, wooden floor and “The Little Mermaid” was projected for us all to watch.  I think that my favorite part of this Disney version was the singing seagull who walloped through the […]

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