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Movie Review: Paranormal Farm 3 Halloween (2019)

Our dude Carl (writer/director Carl Medland) is headin’ back to the freaky farm that made him famous, and things aren’t lookin’ good regarding his personal safety! Following the events of the first two Paranormal Farm flicks (which I reviewed here and here) the aforementioned Carl is called back to Darren (Darren Earl Williams) and Lucy’s […]

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witch path 2

‘Documenting the Witch Path’ Conjures A Release Date

    Carl Sundstrom’s terrifying found footage film, Documenting the Witch Path has conjured an October release date.   Inspired by actual events, this film follows three young documentary filmmakers, (Nathaniel P. Erlandsson, Robin Franzen, and Carl Sundstrom). Together, they discover a path in the woods, which leads to a lake known as Witch Lake. Accused […]

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investigation 13

‘Investigation 13’ Unleashes New NSFW Clip

    Genre icon Meg Foster (“Twin Peaks”, They Live) stars in director Krisstian de Lara’s mesmerizingly unnerving Investigation 13, premiering on digital and DVD this September from Uncork’d Entertainment. Today, we have a new clip to share with you that is NSFW. Incorporating traditional narrative story-telling, as well as numerous forms of pioneering technology, […]

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Butterfly Kisses Lands On VOD And Digital

      The Urban Legend of The Blink Man spreads worldwide in Butterfly Kisses,(review) lands on VOD and is now available on iTunes, Google, Xbox, Amazon, and Vimeo.   In the film, “A filmmaker discovers a box of videotapes depicting two students’ disturbing film project featuring a local horror legend, The Peeping Tom. As […]

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unlisted owner

Found Footage Flick ‘Unlisted Owner’ Coming To Blu-Ray

      Lawford County Productions announces the upcoming release of the found footage film Unlisted Owner on Blu-ray for the first time, following a successful (now out of print) DVD run that landed the found footage movie in Amazon’s “Top 10 Hot New Horror Releases” of 2017. The Blu-ray features 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage […]

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Movie Review: Paranormal Farm 2: Closer To The Truth (2018)

Last December I had the putrid pleasure of layin’ my eerie eyeballs on Paranormal Farm; a frightfully fantastic found footage flick done absolutely right (you can read my thoughts on that on right here). I was pleased as a preternatural pig wallowing in supernatural shit when I found out a second installment had been made, […]

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Movie Review: Monkey Farm is a Found Footage Creature Feature With Something New to Offer!

A group of intrepid documentary film makers toil away making a film about the ethics of animal testing…a journey which leads them to a former testing site now supposedly utilized as a primate sanctuary. Upon arriving, they find the facility long abandoned, in complete disrepair, and full of an ungodly stench. As their investigation continues […]

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