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X-Files Season 7-9 Breakdown Part 3

First, thank you to those fellow fans who have taken the time to read my recap and listen to some of my theories. We are ONE day away from the start of the X-Files Revival on FOX which means it is time to cover season 7 – 9 and well as the last film, “I […]

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The Exorcist Being Adapted For TV

So many classic horror films have recently fallen to the new trend of remaking, rebooting and adapting with which Hollywood seems to be obsessed. There are some classics that should never be messed with, unfortunately, few studios turn one down. Now, news has come via Deadline that The Exorcist, one of the most important horror […]

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The X-Files Re-Opened

The truth is out there… and Fox has the inside story on the return of The X-Files. Go behind the scenes with the creator Chris Carter, stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and all the key players as they reveal secrets from the set and take you on the epic journey of bringing the classic series […]

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Seraphim Song by Pandie Suicide – Book Announcement

I interviewed Suicide Girl, model, actress, and now published author Pandie Suicide about her short film Massacre for Gores Truly a few weeks ago. When she found out that I did book reviews for Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force, she wanted to hop on board and send me a copy of her debut novel Seraphim Song to review! She also was […]

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When We Were Human by Kate L. Mary

When We Were Human by Kate L. Mary is one of those books that I keep meaning to buy, but just haven’t yet. Kate L. Mary is the author of the Broken World series, which I love, and beyond that When We Were Human just was a Silver Medalist for the 2015 Moonbeam Chilldren’s Book Award for YA […]

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Nightscape: Cynopolis by David Edwards

Being a horror reviewer is difficult, sometimes. I get emails multiple times a day with requests for me to review movies, books, shows… You name it, people are trying to get my eyes on it. Typically I can skim across these emails and not give them too much thought. (Needless to say, most don’t catch […]

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Review: She Walks in Shadows

She Walks In Shadows edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles is very different from many of the books I’ve reviewed for Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force, before. It’s an anthology put out by an independent press which aspires to tell the stories of female authors whose works relate to or take place in the universe established […]

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Martillo: Devil-Smiter by Greg Meldrum and David Broughton

Martillo: Devil-Smiter by Greg Meldrum and David Broughton is an independent comic by one of the creators of Spectre Show, which I reviewed a few weeks back. This story, while ripe with all the edgy artwork David Broughton typically brings to the table, is instead about 1950s Spain. A man stands between humanity and supernatural wickedness. …and Pablo […]

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