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Jurassic World

‘Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack’ Comes To ‘Jurassic World: Evolution’

    A new add-on to “Jurassic World: Evolution” that will give players three new dinosaurs were released on December 13th for the Xbox One and PC but it will come to PS4 soon. The “Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack” will allow players to expand their stable of Dinosaurs with the Iguanodon, an herbivore that’s constantly giving […]

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Sabre & Focus Home Interactive Team Up To Bring ‘World War Z’ To Console

Focus Home Interactive will be teaming up with Sabre Interactive to help bring the upcoming co-op online “zombie” survival game, “World War Z” digitally to consoles next year.       Along with the news of the teaming up developers comes more information on the classes players can choose from in order to survive the […]

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‘Monster Hunter’ Expansion ‘Iceborne’ Coming 2019 Along With Geralt!

    CAPCOM announced today that an expansion is coming for their best selling game, “Monster Hunter: World” with new quest ranks, locales, monsters, moves, and gear in “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” The narrative of Iceborne begins where MHW’s narrative ends, so like most game expansions, you need the main game in order to get […]

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New Screenshots Of ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ Shows Beauty And Despair

In 2019 players will be taken to medieval France during the darkest moments in history, the Black Death, and witness the horrors through the eyes of orphaned siblings Amicia and Hugo De Rune in “A Plague Tale: Innocence”. The game by Asobo Studios combines adventure, stealth, and action as the De Rune siblings are escaping […]

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More Teeth: ‘Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets Of Dr. Wu’ Review

B.D. Wong is back as malevolently sinister Dr. Wu in the DLC “Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu”. DLC means Downloadable Content, it’s an add-on to a game. Frontier Development was kind enough to give me the chance to play the DLC and share it with you!           First, I […]

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Negan Is Back And Lucille Is Still Thirsty In ‘Tekken 7: Season Pass 2’!

The most infamous and popular villain from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Negan and his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille are making a comeback in the fighting game “Tekken 7: Season Pass 2“. Tekken is a fighting game series that was popular back in the arcade days before it came into our homes as console games. […]

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A Puzzler Of A Puzzle Game: ‘Energy Cycle Edge’ Review

Sometimes gamers just want to take a break away from most games and want to exercise…their brains. Casual puzzle games have always been a great fallback for most but this game from indie game developer Sometimes You is not only eye-catching…its head scratching. I present to you, “Energy Cycle Edge”, a 3-D puzzle game that […]

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‘Alien: Blackout’ Coming Soon?

Fans of the Alien franchise are learning today that 20th Century Fox recently purchased the trademark for the title “Alien: Blackout” under the category for video games. With the trademark purchase possibly means within a month or two there will be an announcement. Many are assuming the game’s announcement will be at the upcoming award ceremony The […]

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Logo Concept

Kickstarter Coming For A Social Network Aimed At Gamers

Social media users utilize websites to stay in touch with friends, keep up with current trends, voice opinions, share laughs, and meet new people. Gamers are no different on these sites but they have to swim through a lot of other people’s nonsense to see what they’re more interested in. Well, if you’re a gamer […]

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