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Christmas Comes Early For ‘Resident Evil 7’ Fans

  Mark your calendars, the long-awaited DLC ‘Not a Hero’ for Capcom’s critically acclaimed hit, ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ is coming next week! The game was released in January of 2017 and scared many veteran fans of the game series where the game’s mechanics have changed from being a third-person action survival horror game to a […]

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Exclusive Trailer For The New Game ‘Invector’

  At midnight tonight (December 7th, 2017), North American Gamers on the east-coast can get their hands on the new PS4 game Invector by Hello There Games. Invector is a new Rhythm Game, like Guitar Hero but with a Spaceship piloted by Stella voiced by Maya Tuttle. Players help Stella collect colorful fragments scattered across […]

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A ‘Walking Dead’ Game Fans Can Sink Their Teeth Into

  Most gamers who are fans of AMC’s acclaimed hit series, ‘The Walking Dead’, are used to the popular Telltale Episodic game series by the same name but fans can rejoice getting the game they feel they deserve with a first-person co-op shooting game that’s being developed by Overkill, known for their hit first person […]

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Redbox And Haste Team Up For Video Game Day

September 12 is Video Game Day!  I admit, I am not a huge gamer, but this is really exciting for even the casual gamer.   Redbox and Haste have created a better tandem than Freddy and Jason! Instead of shelling out more than $100 for a new video game, gamers can choose from dozens of […]

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COD Zombies – Shadows of Evil Review

With every new year comes a new Call of Duty. It has joined Death and Taxes on the list of inevitabilities. Thankfully, Black Ops 3 once again gives us the pleasure of blasting the heads off of shambling corpses. I’ll be honest, it’s the main reason I bought the game. Ever since they were introduced back in World at War, […]

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Norman Reedus Still Wants Silent Hills

There were very few smiles the day Silent Hills was stricken from Konami’s roster. In fact I feel bad for even bringing it up. But not for good reason! There’s a silver lining to this tale of woe. It might not be a “HOLY SHIT GUYS THEY ARE MAKING IT!” silver lining, but it’s good […]

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Alien: Isolation – A Review

They say in space, no one can hear you scream. Which is most definitely true. However, the same cannot be said for here on Earth. Thanks to this game, I’m pretty sure my neighbours suspect I either scream like a girl, or have one tied up in my murder room. I’ve played quite a few […]

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Perception – A Look Into Blind Horror

The Deep End Games is trying something new in the genre of horror gaming. Much like other games, Perception puts a near defenceless character in a scenario filled with the unexplainable and the unsettling. However this time, your protagonist is blind. Yeah, you heard me, not deaf, blind. The story follows Cassie, a young woman who must use […]

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