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German Movie ‘Live Or Let Die’ Unleashes New Zombie Filled Trailer

    Genre specialist sales outfit Black Mandala has acquired the German zombie film Live or Let die and have now released the poster and the trailer. Through an outbreak of a virus, the human race has come near to extinction. The undead walks among the land and hunts the living. The very few that are left, […]

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cut off knife

Serial Killer Horror ‘Cut Off’ Getting A U.S. Release (Trailer)

  From writer-director Christian Alvart (Antibodies, Pandorum) comes the dark German horror-thriller Cut Off, based on the best-selling novel by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos. Titled Abgeschnitten in its original language, the pulse-pounding film centers on Coroner Paul Herzfeld who discovers something terrifying, a capsule in the head of a heavily mutilated corpse, containing a […]

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Lost Ember

Game Review: ‘Lost Ember’ Shines Brightly

German indie game developer Mooneye Studios allowed me the honor to take a crack at Lost Ember, their debut game. This third-person adventure game takes you the adventure of a wolf with the ability to shape-shift into other animals as you explore lands once occupied by a civilization of people called the Yanrana. As mentioned, […]

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Breaking Down Rammstein’s Controversial Video ‘Deutschland’

The German metal group Rammstein, have released their first new single in 10 years, the song is simply titled, Deutschland (Germany). Along with the new single came its music video which Rammstein is known for having very cinematic videos but prior to the release, a teaser video was posted to Youtube by the band depicting […]

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Women Of Horror Month: Melina Juergens, From Video Editor To Award-Winning Actress

Imagine you’re at work one day and by chance, they needed someone to step in and perform a task you were not trained for and you nailed it on your first try. After impressing your coworkers you keep the position and as a result, you won the highest honors for it. This is what happened […]

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