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Movie Review: Bus Party to Hell (2017)

After a cold open where Tara Reid decapitates a dude in a top hat (honestly, we are off to a very promising start) we get into the meat and potatoes of Bus Party to Hell…namely a group of attractive, horny, drunks head out across the desert in a party bus (we also get nudity within […]

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Movie Review: The Gruesome Twosome is an Essential Addition to any Gore Hound’s Library!

  In Herschell Gordon Lewis’ (The Godfather of Gore) The Gruesome Twosome we are introduced to an elderly woman and her mentally handicapped son; a duo with a strange hobby, namely scalping comely young lasses and selling their hair as wigs to meet customer demand (well, we learn of this after an introduction featuring two talking Styrofoam […]

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Movie Review: Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead is a Flesh and Blood Drenched Orgy!

  Look, I’ll be honest with you creeps, I have never seen (or even heard of) Death-Scort Service Part 1; but as is my way with everything, that don’t mean shit to me. I’m sure a fine, morally upstanding picture like Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead will do your’s cruelly a solid (probably on my […]

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Gore Films: The Depraved And The Delicious

(I wrote this for a film studies class I’m taking on “guilty pleasures.” Hope you enjoy) Gore Films: The Depraved And The Delicious Guilty pleasures are somewhat of a conceited concept. Why feel guilty for something that brings joy into your life? Long as they’re not hurting anybody, everybody should be free to get their […]

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New 4K Transfer Of ‘Effects’ To Hit Blu-Ray This August

Taken from the only theatrical print known to exist, AGFA (the American Genre Film Archive), a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of genre films, will unleash Effects on Blu-Ray on August 22, 2017.     Written and directed by Dusty Nelson (Sakura Killers), Effects is a do-it-yourself horror flick weaving the story of […]

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New Predator Will be Bigger and Bloodier (updated)

In preparation for the upcoming Predator film, I just watched the original and was reminded of the franchise’s greatness.  Yeah, it’s been watered down a bit over a few movies and crossovers (although they were fun in their own right). I was thrilled to hear that Shane Black (who played Hawkins in the original) is […]

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The Oddience Of Genre Sinema

By: Richard Stringham the founder & CEO of S & Drive Cinema, an independent production company out of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Stringham is also the producer, writer, and director of ‘Close Calls‘, his horror feature debut.   “To avoid fainting, keep repeating: It’s only a movie… only a movie… only a movie… only a […]

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