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Crypt TV Launches New Site Crypt Haunt To Connect You With The Best Halloween Attractions Across The Nation

  It’s that amazing time of year, Halloween season. One of the best parts of Halloween are creeping down the scary halls of haunts waiting for something to jump out at you or for someone to grab you. Genre brand Crypt TV is ready to connect you with the biggest and best Halloween attractions and Haunted […]

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Halloween Returns Put On Hold Again, But This Time It May Be Permanent

  We’ve be waiting for news about the new Michael Myers film, Halloween Returns, and news has finally come, unfortunately it’s not good news. Halloween Returns has been put on hold. The reason for it’s second delay, Dimension Films has lost the rights to the Halloween franchise. Miramax is currently eyeing the rights. Until someone […]

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‘Halloween’ Is Getting Yet Another Reboot

You may recognize the names of the writing duo of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the team are behind several great horror movies of the past decade. Their credits include several of the ‘Saw’ franchise, ‘The Collector’ (2009) and ‘The Collection’ (2012). They also wrote 2013’s ‘Pacific Rim’. Now the duo has been tasked with writing the […]

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