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Photo by: Richard Foreman,  Jr. SMPSP/Hulu

Actor Nyasha Hatendi Talks Hulu’s “Into The Dark”, Replicas, And More

  I had the opportunity to talk with Nyasha Hatendi, who stars in the third episode of Hulu’s horror anthology series “Into the Dark”, one of my favorite new series. Hatendi is an impressive actor who got his start on stage and appeared in “King Charles III“, which received 6 Tony nominations including Best Play, […]

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yoav paz

Yoav Paz Talks JeruZalem 2, The Golem, And More In Our Interview

The Paz brothers, known for their supernatural film JeruZalem (review), have a new film on its way titled The Golem. I sat down for a chat with Yoav Paz, one half of the writing and directing duo, to talk about JeruZalem, The Golem and much more.         Horror Fuel: “I really enjoyed JeruZalem. […]

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amaris 3

“Light As A Feather” Actress Amaris Davidson Talks ‘Killer Kate!’ And More

    Amaris Davidson, former NBA dancer turned actress, sat down with me to talk about her roles in films like Insidious 3, as Sarah in the soon to be released film Killer Kate! and her character Coach Fazholtz on the new supernatural series “Light As A Feather” which has just arrived on Hulu.   […]

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orson O.

Orson Oblowitz Talks ‘The Queen Of Hollywood BLVD’And His Next Film In Our Interview

Writer-director Orson Oblowitz‘s (Corbin Nash) noir crime thriller The Queen of Hollywood BLVD has just arrived on Digital.     The film stars Rosemary Hochschild (Supergirl) as a strong woman willing to do whatever it takes to keep her club. “On her 60th birthday, Mary (Rosemary Hochschild) finds her past coming back to haunt her, as a 25-year-old […]

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Newton Brothers

The Newton Brothers Discuss Netflix’s ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ In An Interview

Andy Grush and Taylor Newton Stewart     Netflix new series “The Haunting of Hill House” is set to premiere on October 12th. Ahead of the premiere, I sat down with The Newton Brothers, the duo responsible for the haunting scores that bring the series’ haunting atmosphere to life.     Andy Grush and Taylor […]

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peter sullivan

Peter Sullivan Talks ‘Cucuy: The Boogeyman’ Ahead Of SyFy Premiere

Writer-director-producer Peter Sullivan sat down with us to talk about some of his past projects and his upcoming film Cucuy: The Boogeyman ahead of its October 13th premiere on SyFy. Starring “Riverdale’s” Marisol Nichols, Brian Krause (Charmed), Jearnest Corchado (Blacklist), Bella Stine (“Peanuts”), Pedro Correa (“Turnt”), and Mick Ignis (Stan Against Evil) as the Cucuy, […]

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ojala 2

Writer-Director Jim Ojala Talks Movies, Mutations And ‘Strange Nature’ In An Interview

    Jim Ojala has made quite a name for himself in the special effects world working on films like Where the Wild Things Are, Thor, Pacific Rim, and many others. Now, Ojala is making a name for himself as a writer/director of Strange Nature. I spoke with Jim about his eco-horror film and more and I […]

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kate lister

‘Deadly Callback’ Actress Kate Lister Talks About Past And Present Roles In An Interview

  Australian actress Kate Lister got her start with Neighbours and “Last Man Standing” and has appeared in movies like Fox Trap, and Unhinged. We had the opportunity to ask Kate about some of her upcoming films, about being a woman in the film industry, and a few other things. Kate’s most recent role is as […]

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Director's headshot

Vito Dinatolo Tells Us About Making His Directorial Debut With Face Of Evil

  Vito Dinatolo directs Face of Evil, now available on VOD and DVD from Gravitas Ventures. On July 4th, private Jay Williams returns home from the Middle East, but a mysterious epidemic breaks out and infects his friends at his party. On the road to salvation, Jay is joined by his ex-sergeant, who reveals chilling […]

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purge rhys

‘The Purge’ Star Rhys Wakefield Talks Psychopaths & New Projects In An Interview

One of the most memorable scenes from The Purge franchise stars Rhys Wakefield as that well-dressed young killer who gave the family in the first film an ultimatum as he grinned like the Chesire cat. That smile is hard to forget.     Rhys has starred in many other roles than just in The Purge. […]

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