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nick hunt

Director Nick Hunt Talks ‘Safe Place’ & ‘The Dark Heart Of Jason Voorhees’

  Filmmaker Nick Hunt has several projects on his plate, including his film Safe Place, his anthology film Wander Tales, and his documentary ‘The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making Of the Final Friday‘. He was willing to tell us about them during our interview.   Horror Fuel: “You’ve been busy. You’re getting ready […]

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chris kobin 1

Exclusive: Writer-Producer Chris Kobin Talks ‘Gothic Harvest’ And A Sequel To ‘2001 Maniacs’

  Writer-producer Chris Kobin took some time while he was on the set of Gothic Harvest in New Orleans this week to talk with us about the upcoming film as well as his remake of ‘2000 Maniacs’, and a few of his other films. He also gave us an exclusive on his next project, which […]

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Steven Hubbell

‘Mercy Christmas’ Star Steven Hubbell Talks Cannibals, Christmas Lights, And More

  After watching the fantastic new holiday horror film Mercy Christmas (review) I had the opportunity to speak with its star Steven Hubbell and ask him about making his acting debut in the movie and his history working the film industry. Up until his debut role, Steven has been working behind-the-scenes in the film and […]

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Tony Jopia 28112017

An Interview With ‘Dawning Of The Dead’ And ‘Cute Little Buggers’ Director Tony Jopia

  Tony Jopia, writer-director-producer of films such as Crying Wolf 3D, Cute Little Buggers, and the zombie film Dawning of the Dead, which just arrived on VOD, took the time to sit down and answer a few of our questions about his films.   Horror Fuel: Do you remember the first horror film you saw? […]

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larry brand

Writer-Director Larry Brand Talks ‘Young Charlie’ (Manson) & ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ In Our Interview

  I had the pleasure of speaking with writer-director Larry Brand, who has written many films including Halloween: Resurrection, Paranoia, and The Girl on the Train which he also directed. Brand talked with us about his part of the Holloween franchise as well as one of his most recent projects, the second season of ‘Hollywood & Crime’, […]

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Actor-Director Justin Price Discusses ‘The Elf’ And ‘The 13th Friday’ In An Interview

  I had the opportunity to talk with actor-writer-director-producer Justin Price today who took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his upcoming film The Elf and The 13th Friday, along with some of his other projects.   Horror Fuel: “I’ve heard that you have to loose and gain weight […]

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kerry rhodes

Former NFL Player Kerry Rhodes Talks Acting In And Executive Producing ‘Tragedy Girls’ – Now In Theaters

  Today, I sat down to talk with former NFL player turned actor-writer-producer to discuss his upcoming role in Tragedy Girls which looks fantastic by the way. After retiring from the Arizona Cardinals Kerry turned his attention to both modeling and acting. His first on-screen role was in the film Misunderstandings (2009), followed by an […]

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jennifer titus

An Interview With ‘Rock Paper Dead’ Star Jennifer Titus

  I recently spoke with actress Jennifer Titus, star of the Tom Holland (Fright Night) directed serial killer- thriller Rock Paper Dead, written by Friday the 13th creator Victor Miller and Kerry Fleming. Fleming also produced along with Amy Williams. The film centers on serial killer Peter “The Doll Maker” Harris (Luke Macfarlane), who returns to his ancestral […]

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