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Blu-ray Review: Dead Shack (2017)

A family heads out to the woods for a lil’ camping R&R with their pal, the meek Jason (Matthew Nelson-Mahood), in tow. Once there the kids, Summer (Lizzie Boys), Colin (Gabriel LaBelle), and the aforementioned Jason go on a trek through the woods while the former’s parents get trashed. As they press on, they discover […]

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Lou Simon Talks ‘3: An Eye For An Eye’ & Being A Female Filmmaker In Today’s World

Writer, director, and producer Lou Simon sat down with me to discuss women in the film industry and her latest genre film 3. Behind films like All Girls Weekend, Hazmat, Agrophobia, and The Awakened, Lou has been making her mark in the genre for years and seems to know just what to do to get […]

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Movie Review: Clickbait (2018)

Bailey (Amanda Colby Stewart) is a top content creator for hot social media site str33ker who is unfortunately falling to second place in the online popularity contest (thanks to her rival Laura getting cancer and therefore the public’s sympathy). In the social circles she travels in this makes her a bit of a pariah…but that […]

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A Celebration Of The Worst Horror Films: The Leprechaun Series

 Photo by Anna and Michael / CC BY-SA 2.0  The Leprechaun films are loosely based on the mythology of Ireland’s ‘Little green man’   Every now and again, a stroke of creative genius leads to the creation of films that simultaneously entertaining and really, really bad. The Leprechaun franchise is one such creation. It has amassed […]

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Movie Review: Sunset Society (2018)

The Sunset Society are a cadre of vampires (played by sunset strip rock icons such as Tracii Guns and Dizzy Reed…and Ron Jeremy?!!) who meet in an opulent mansion (the exterior of which is inexplicably realized through animation…we’ll get back to that in a paragraph or so) to drink the blood of strippers (apparently), and […]

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