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Netflix Enters ‘In The Tall Grass’ Adaptation – From Stephen King And Joe Hill

Netflix has snagged the adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill‘s (King’s son) In the Tall Grass. With the continuing interest in King’s work and the multitude of adaptations of his writings headed our way, it’s no surprise that Netflix is on the bandwagon. But the giant streaming service is not new to King’s tales, […]

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Joe Hill’s ‘The Fireman’ Set For April 2016 Release

Joe Hill, son of literary legend Stephen King, is quickly making a name for himself in the horror genre. Last year’s film ‘Horns‘, directed by Alexandre Aja, was based on Hill’s novel by the same name. Movie and TV rights for Hill’s latest novel, ‘The Fireman’, are already being discussed ahead of the book’s April 2016 release. […]

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Stephen King and Joe Hill’s ‘In The Tall Grass’ Is Being Adapted For Film

  Stephen King, the master of the horror novel, has another tale that is being adapted for a film. ‘In The Tall Grass’ is a collaboration between King and his son Joe Hill, which was published back in 2012 in Esquire magazine. You may recognize Hill as the writer of the novel adapted for 2013’s […]

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