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No Giant Spider For ‘IT’ Remake

The original IT miniseries had some strong elements, but it also had some weaker ones, perhaps most memorably the animatronic abomination that was Pennywise’s final form. Taking the form of a giant spider that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Goosebumps, much of the horror and tension of the previous 3 hours […]

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Upcoming Horror Documentary, ‘Pennywise: The Story Of IT’, To Examine The Original Film

    Pennywise is everywhere these days, in the new version of IT, in Bill Skarsgard’s dressing room, and in fact, yesterday we shared a brand new image from the spread in the most recent edition of Empire Magazine. Today, we have even more news. From Dead Mouse Productions, the makers of Unearthed & Untold, […]

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Producer Announces IT Has Wrapped Filming With Creepy Photo

Just one day after Stephen King’s 69th birthday word has come that the remake of ‘IT‘ has officially wrapped filming. Producer Barbara Muschietti announced the news via Instagram.  The photo she posted was that of a weathered Jack-In-The-Box and the following message: “And yes, it’s a wrap on #itthemovie. Thank you amazing cast and crew for […]

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pennywise half photo

Behold The First Image Of Bill Skarsgard In Full Costume As Pennywise In IT!

Fans were excited to see Bill Skarsgard in full makeup as Pennywise. Now, we have our first look at Skarsgard in full costume as Pennywise, via EW. The new Pennywise is darker, and dirtier, than the character originally played by Tim Curry. Frankly, it’s terrifying.     Director Andy Mushetti’s adaption of Stephen King’s ‘IT’, based […]

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