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Blood Vessel - Still 4

Set Sail This July With The Vampire Movie ‘Blood Vessel’ (Trailer)

    This July, set sail with Blood Vessel and witness a nightmare-inducing ship filled with vampires. Co-written by Jordan Prosser, the film was co-written and directed by Justin Dix, award-winning special effects supervisor and director of Wicked of Oz studios who has worked on films such as The Babaddok, 100 Bloody Acres, Crawlspace, The Loved […]

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Come Aboard Justin Dix’s ‘Blood Vessel’ For A First Look

      The first images from Crawlspace director Justin Dix’s new horror film Blood Vessel (a title that fits in more ways than one) are here teasing a terrifying voyage for an unlucky group stranded at sea.   Nathan Phillips, Alyssa Sutherland, Christopher Kirby, and John Lloyd Fillingham star in the film set somewhere in […]

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