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Top 5 Memorable Monsters In Videogames

With Halloween being the scariest time of the year, there’s no better time to reflect on some of the scariest monsters in videogames. After all, what’s good horror without something tall and murderous to scare the pants off you?                                 […]

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Dinosaurs clobbered the combined super hero talents of The Avengers. They also handed Schwarzenegger his T-800 ass. Interestingly all three films are bred from the same cynical experiment that might have started in JJ Abrams’s lab…repackaging. Cynema has evolved or been upgraded much like Arnie’s T800 at the end of the latest Terminator franchise. My […]

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‘After Death’ Starring Daniella Kertesz

Five people wake-up washed a shore. After the group stumble across an abandoned beach house, they realize that they are dead and trapped in some version of purgatory. The group is now being stalked by a dark demonic entity. ‘After Death’, directed by Gez Medinger and Robin Schmidt, stars Miranda Raison (My Week With Marilyn), Sam Keely […]

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Demonic ‘Fantasia’ Segment To Become A Feature Film

The 2009 Disney musical masterpiece Fantasia, consisting of eight segments, combined animation and classical music. Now the third segment of the musical feature, titled ‘Night on Bald Mountain’, is set to become a feature film. In the segment we witness a winged demon, meant to represent the Devil, descend on a mountain town, raising the […]

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‘Meg’ Finally Heading To Production

The long awaited monster shark movie ‘Meg’ is finally moving forward. The script for the movie, based on Steve Alten’s book series ‘Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror’, will be written by Dean Georgaris, who also wrote the script for ‘The Manchurian Candidate’. The novel series follows a deep sea diver named Jonas Taylor. Taylor […]

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