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Remakes Headed Your Way In 2021

The trend of remakes and reboots continues. Here are some of the remakes headed your way in 2021.     Candyman Remake/Sequel Candyman returns to the neighborhood where the legend began, where Cabrini-Green housing projects once stood. We all know not to say the legend’s name five times, but the characters in the movie say it […]

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The Staff Of Pick The Top 10 Horror Movies Of 2020

Kelli’s Top 10 Picks   10: Girl Bella Thorne stars as a young woman seeking out the father that assaulted her mother when she was a kid. She’s learned that he’s threatening her mother and she’s begun a journey to put an end to it. But things may not be as they seem. When she […]

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Free Streaming Service Crackle Announces January Premieres And Exclusives

    The free streaming network Crackle announces its new exclusives, movies, and series debuting this January, including the premiere of the new series “Insomnia” and the Crackle Exclusive feature Black Water Abyss.   Crackle linear and VOD networks are available in the U.S. and can be accessed on up to 29 devices and services […]

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Top 10 Scariest Wrestlers

Wrestlmania is today!  Whether you are a wrestling fan or used to be a wrestling fan or want to be a wrestling fan or can’t stand the sight of a wrestling ring…you have heard of Wrestlemania.  Today, in New Orleans, is the 34th Wrestlemania and it promises many great matches and entertainment.  That being said, […]

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5 Podcast Recommendations For Horror Fans

If you’re a horror fan and you don’t listen to podcasts you’re missing out! Podcasts, in general, are a great way to fill your daily commute, and you can find countless programs on virtually any topic imaginable.  For the horror fan, there are tons of untapped entertainment just waiting to be downloaded! To get you […]

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13 Horror Documentaries Every Horror Fan Should See

There is a long list of horror documentaries , so I’ve narrowed it down to a list of the 13 best horror documentaries out there. Enjoy!   The True Story Of The Amityville Horror (2013) This documentary explores the truth behind the real Amityville Horror.   Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait (1988) “A documentary about the classic ‘Texas […]

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