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Possible Charges For ‘Dumbest Criminal’ Logan Paul

Logan Paul, disgraced YouTuber, overnight has-been, internet nobody, and now the “Dumbest Criminal” in Japan’s history. Earlier this month, Japanese police announced they wanted to talk to Paul in regards to the video of him and his friends filming the body of a suicide victim while joking about it. Though the original controversy surrounded him using […]

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I promise this is the only Logan Paul picture I'll use.

Logan Paul Uses Suicide Victim’s Corpse As A Prop For New Video

Youtube celebrity Logan Paul became the world’s most hated person two days into 2018. Paul ‘s claim to fame began with comedic Vine videos he made with his brother, Jake before the two moved to Youtube and became “Internet Famous”, a term often used to describe Youtube fame.       Some of the  following […]

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The Thinning Finds Its Trailer And Release Date

The trailer for writer-director Michael J. Gallagher’s new futuristic film ‘The Thinning’ has just been released. “In The Thinning, Logan Paul and Peyton List (“Jessie,” “Bunk’d”) star as Blake and Laina, students who live in the future where population control is dictated by an aptitude test given in high school. When they discover the test […]

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