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possession diaries

Movie Review: Possession Diaries (2019)

Sad sackin’ Rebecca (Katherine Munroe) went and dicked around with ye olde spirit board, and now she is the subject of demonic static hounding her ass 24 fucking 7! Of course everyone thinks she’s a bullshit artist, so she sets up a webcam to document her descent into the possession biz. Now things start prosaic […]

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possession still

This June Open ‘The Possession Diaries’

Juan Frausto, director of Road Kill and Once Upon a Time in the Hood, invites you to log on for a streaming screamfest that will leave one girl possessed… and you on the edge of your seat, The Possession Diaries, starring James Russo (Django Unchained, Beverly Hills Cop). “Playing with an Ouija board is dangerous, and college student Rebecca […]

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psycho's path still

No One Is Safe In Horror Throwback ‘A Psycho’s Path’ Starring MMA’s “Rampage” Jackson

    Take a look at the first poster (above) for the slasher throwback A Pshycho’s Path starring  MMA badass Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson as the film’s killer.   Written and Directed by Rocky Costanzo, the film is retro-slasher set in the late ’60s, shot in classic ‘film noir’ style of the ’70s and captures the mood and […]

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