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The Webtoon ‘Melvina’s Therapy’ Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Webtoons.com is a fun site where comic authors can showcase their works to readers. I’ve been a reader on the site for a while and have found some really nice comics that tend to be the “slice of life” comedic variety but recently I’ve discovered a darker comic that I could not stop reading as […]

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Movie Review: The Lullaby Will Ensure You Sleep Uneasy!

Teen mom Chloe returns home to Eden Rock in order to have the support of her mother in raising her infant son. Man it would suck if the place was a concentration camp a hundred or so years ago where babies were summarily executed. Anyway, that baby gets to constantly cryin’, Chloe falls into a […]

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“Man is the only animal that kills for fun,” A look into Christopher Denham’s “Preservation”

A camping trip goes awry as newlyweds Mike and Wit are suddenly joined by Mike’s brother, Sean, a former marine, in the psychological horror-thrill ride “Preservation.” They awake from their first night on the trip to find that everything has been stolen from their campsite. A weekend in the woods suddenly becomes a game of survival for […]

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