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Blood Vessel - Still 4

Set Sail This July With The Vampire Movie ‘Blood Vessel’ (Trailer)

    This July, set sail with Blood Vessel and witness a nightmare-inducing ship filled with vampires. Co-written by Jordan Prosser, the film was co-written and directed by Justin Dix, award-winning special effects supervisor and director of Wicked of Oz studios who has worked on films such as The Babaddok, 100 Bloody Acres, Crawlspace, The Loved […]

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meg poster

Jason Statham Looks Like Fish Food In ‘The Meg’s’ New Trailer

  As things continue to heat up this summer, The Meg is waiting to bear its teeth this August at theatergoers. After several trailers and TV spots, we finally get some new footage to wet our appetites with a brand new trailer. In the film from director Jon Turteltaub, based on novel series by Steve Alten, “A deep-sea submersible—part […]

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A Giant Shark Stalks Jason Statham In The First Image From ‘The Meg’

  The first image from Jon Turteltaub‘s (National Treasure) prehistoric shark movie The Meg has arrived via Empire. The image shows action star Jason Statham (The Expendables franchise) standing in front of what appears to be a window (underwater) with the giant Megalodon shark looking in.     “I play a former navy captain and diver,” Statham tells Empire, “and I […]

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