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Blu-ray Review: The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

Something bizarre is going down in the bayou; there seems to be strange creatures stalking the swamps…and by strange I mean even weirder than our moss encrusted walking vegetable of a leading man; namely Swamp Thing his own damn self (once again played with heart and conviction by the late great Dick Durock)! Naturally the […]

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Sony To Reboot ‘The Crow’

I remember being blown away by ‘The Crow’ (1994) and I felt akin to the anti-hero seeking revenge for his and his girlfriend’s murder.  However, the sequels were slightly…well…extremely underwhelming.   This is why horrorfuel.com is excited to announce that Sony is going to try their hand at making ‘The Crow: Reborn’. Deadline just announced that the studio […]

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Consuming Cynema PART II

The road to the remake is a winding one. There is no clear pathway toward the answer of whether they are good or bad, needed or unwanted. They exist. They will continue to be made because there is demand. My previous article opened with a quote from George Bush’s post 9-11 speech which hinted at […]

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