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Watch: A Man’s Childhood Fears Come To Life In The Short Film ‘The Nurturing’

    Today, we have a treat for you, the short horror film The Nurturing, directed by Alex DiVinceo who co-wrote the script with Michael Perkins.     In the film, “after an injury lands Daniel back in his childhood bedroom under the care of his mother, his adolescent fear returns to haunt him.”    […]

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George James Fraser’s ‘Scaring Sheri’, Part Of ‘United States Of Horror’ Series, Is Awesome AF

George James Fraser, the director behind Happenstance and Gore Theater is back with his short film Scaring Sheri, the first installment of the upcoming horror collection United States of Horror, featuring a massive fifty films from all over the US.   Shot at the world-famous Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire, Scaring Sheri stars Sheri […]

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Fear Crypt Unleash Two New Short Films!

Those delightfully devious devils over at the Fear Crypt Youtube channel have sent a deadly dup of sinister short films my way, and as such yours cruelly is going to give them the ol’ revoltin review treatment! First up we have Fused: Sarah (Sarah McGuire) has one hell of a nasty-ass skin condition, and that […]

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Short Film Review: Nova (2020)

Dr. Nova Thorpe (Kelly Kula) is racing against the clock to get a warning out about impending doom related to a top secret experiment she’s involved in… but is said threat already in the room with her? Running a scant eight minutes, Nova, the latest short film from writer/director David McAbee makes a lot of […]

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Check Out The New Trailer For The Horror Comedy ‘OverKill’

    Both the official poster and trailer are here for writer-director-editor Alex Montilla‘s (Hot Tub Time Machine) new horror-comedy short film OverKill.   Starring Amy Letcher, Mike Hall, and Will Coffin, the award-winning film is a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final […]

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