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A Man Fights To Protect His Sister In The Supernatural Thriller ‘Transference’

    Hunted by an unstoppable secret agent, a brother must hide his twin sister and her supernatural abilities so that she does not fall prey to becoming an experiment in a classified government program in Transference, out this March. Tony Nash, Jeremy Ninaber, Mathew Ninaber, Eamon Hanson, and Rikki Wright star in the sci-fi […]

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Supernatural Horror ‘The Assent’ Possesses A January Release Date

    In theaters and On Demand this January, The Assent takes viewers on a supernatural journey as a man fights to save his son’s soul. Starring Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim, Warcraft, “True Blood”) and Peter Jason (Escape from LA, Mortal Kombat, Jurassic World), the film is from writer-director Pearry Teo (Cloud Atlas). In the […]

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Movie Review: Board The Haunting, Adrenaline-Fueled Four Star Film ‘Mary’

  When I heard about the supernatural ship film Mary I thought to myself, ‘Oh, this is going to be good.” I wasn’t wrong. Mary, set in the present day has to be inspired by the true story of the famous ship the Mary Celest, while it is not confirmed, the stories have too much […]

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Lionsgate Announces Supernatural Thriller ‘The Devil’s Light’

  Lionsgate announced today that they will produce the upcoming supernatural thriller The Devil’s Light. James Hawes (Black Mirror, Penny Dreadful) will be in the director’s chair for the film written by Robert Zappia (Halloween H20: 20 Years Later). In The Devil’s Light, “with reports of demonic possessions reaching unprecedented numbers globally, the Vatican opens schools for exorcisms in […]

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Second ‘Along Came The Devil II’ Trailer Unveiled Ahead Of Release

    From director Jason DeVan, who co-wrote the film with Heather DeVan, comes Along Came the Devil II, the sequel to 2018’s movie. Ahead of its October release, the second trailer has been unveiled teasing a haunting supernatural thriller.   Academy Award  Nominated Actor Bruce Davison stars alongside Laura Slade Wiggins (Shameless), Mark Ashworth (Magnificent Seven), Cassius DeVan Tiffany Fallon, and Heather DeVan as Sarah (Along Came […]

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the lodge 1

This November Witness The Terror Of The Lodge

    From the directors of Goodnight Mommy, Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, comes a new bone-chilling tale of terror, The Lodge, starring Alicia Silverstone, Richard Armitage (The Hobbit franchise), Jaedon Martell (IT), Lia McHugh (Along Came the Devil), and Riley Keough (Mad Max).     The Lodge begins with a fractured family as Richard (Armitage) tells his children, Aiden (Martell) and Mia (McHugh), of his intent to marry his […]

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possession diaries

Movie Review: Possession Diaries (2019)

Sad sackin’ Rebecca (Katherine Munroe) went and dicked around with ye olde spirit board, and now she is the subject of demonic static hounding her ass 24 fucking 7! Of course everyone thinks she’s a bullshit artist, so she sets up a webcam to document her descent into the possession biz. Now things start prosaic […]

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possession still

This June Open ‘The Possession Diaries’

Juan Frausto, director of Road Kill and Once Upon a Time in the Hood, invites you to log on for a streaming screamfest that will leave one girl possessed… and you on the edge of your seat, The Possession Diaries, starring James Russo (Django Unchained, Beverly Hills Cop). “Playing with an Ouija board is dangerous, and college student Rebecca […]

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A Demon Is Hell Bent On Raising Hell In The ‘Soul To Keep’ Trailer

    The unsettling, supernatural-thriller Soul to Keep, from co-directors David Allensworth and Monière, took home the award for Best Female Actress for rising Sandra Mae Frank‘s performance as well as a nomination for Best Picture at HorrorHound. Now, it’s headed towards its April release.   In the film, Beelzebub, an ancient demon hell-bent on […]

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Images & Trailer Surface For ‘Red Letter’, The First Of Terror Films & Code 3’s Three Picture Deal

    Genre distributor Terror Films has teamed up with fellow executive and head of acquisitions, Jim Klock and his Code 3 Films for a three Picture deal. The first film under the deal, Red Letters is currently in post-production and was produced by Code 3 Films’: Darrell Martinelli, Emily Adams, Kelsey Trainer, and Jim […]

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