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Move Review: The ‘Burbs is a Perfect Dark Satire of Suburbia!

Poor Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks), all he wants is a nice relaxing staycation but that just isn’t to be as a reclusive family named the Klopeks have moved into the dilapidated abode next door. This of course arouses the suspicions of his neighbors; mooching busy body¬†Art Weingartner (Rick Ducommun), paramilitary nut Mark Rumsfield (Bruce Dern), […]

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“David S. Pumpkins Saves Halloween” Is Everything You Love And Hate About Tv Specials

Whether it’s Pac-man saving Christmas, or Kiss saving Christmas, or The Power Rangers….saving Christmas (maybe the Republicans weren’t wrong about that whole Starbucks cup thing after all…nah.) shitty holiday specials are a long held and well loved tradition. So of course, viral SNL Halloween sensation David S. Pumpkins has to join on in the fun […]

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