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Short Film Review: Parlour Tricks (2018)

Family members gather in a Victorian parlour to attend a seance conducted to communicate with their deceased aunt…in order to determine how she wanted her possessions and money distributed as she left no will. As the seance occurs, these vultures…err, loving relatives encounter a spirit close to them, but not exactly the one they intended […]

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Enter ‘Valley Of The Rats’ – On Blu-ray And DVD This March

Vince D’Amato’s Valley of the Rats will be arriving later this month from Shivers Entertainment and Darkside Releasing. In the thriller, a man is falsely accused of his girlfriend’s murder. He goes in search of his killer, only to uncover an even stranger mystery. Tristan Risk (American Mary), Momona Komagata (Peelers), and Jesse Inocalla star with a […]

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A New Horror Anthology Is Exploring The ‘Dark Continents’

Two-Headed Snake Entertainment in conjunction with Komet Films bring us ‘ Dark Continents, a new tale of terror in the style of Lovecraft meets (Clive) Barker. This dark anthology is comprised of five films from four different continents. Each segment explores the world of the supernatural while having the feel of Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’. ‘American […]

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