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‘World War Z 2’ Is Back From The Dead And Will Begin Filming

After numerous delays, including losing its original director  J.A. Bayona, and fans’ mounting fears that sequel to World War Z would never be seen, the second film has finally landed on Paramount’s schedule. Directed by David Fincher, the film will return Brad Pitt to the world of the infected. Dennis Kelly (Black Sea) is on board to pen the script. During […]

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Director David Fincher Gives An Update On ‘World War Z 2’

  David Fincher, who will be directing the upcoming sequel to 2013’s zombie outbreak film World War Z, recently gave Little White Lies an update on the sequel’s progress. We’re hoping to get a piece of material that’s a reason to make a movie not an excuse to make a movie,” Fincher recently told Collider, indicating […]

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David Fincher Closing In On Directorial Duties For WORLD WAR Z 2

It seems that World War Z 2, which appeared to be dead, is now back on in its feet and ambling, albeit slowly, forward. The film which had been removed from Paramount Studio’s production calendar back in February, has yet to officially be given the go ahead. However, with David Fincher likely to be in the […]

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World War Z 2 Is Dead (At Least For Now)

  Following the removal of ‘Friday the 13th‘ from Paramount’s schedule, another film has been put on hold indefinitely, ‘World War Z‘. But that’s not much of a surprise. There has been no news about ‘WWZ 2’ in a long time. The original release date had been announced as June 9, 2017, but with that […]

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J.A. Bayona To Direct WWZ 2

J.A. Bayona is making quite a name for himself in the world of film. After directing his 2012 disaster film ‘Impossible’, Bayona directed several episodes of Showtime’s popular series ‘Penny Dreadful’. Right now Bayona is working on the film adaption of ‘A Monster Calls’, based on the children’s novel by Patrick Ness. As we reported […]

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