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Game Review: ‘Resident Evil 3’

CAPCOM was awesome enough to allow me a chance to experience to see that regardless of what’s going on in the world right now, there could be zombies and a large bio-weapon chasing me! Of course, I’m talking about Resident Evil 3, the latest installment in the remake boom that came to the franchise last […]

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Lovecraft In Spaaaaace! Game Review: ‘Moons Of Madness’

Rock Pocket Games and Funcom have allowed me to play their Lovecraft inspired first-person horror game, Moons of Madness for the Xbox One. Moons of Madness has already been released on PC and received high praise by many before finally being released onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. In Moons of Madness, you take […]

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‘Remnant: From The Ashes’ Out Now In Physical Copies

THQ Nordic’s third-person survival game, Remnant: From the Ashes which has been out digitally on consoles and PC is now available in physical forms!         In Remnant: From the Ashes, players can team up and face new horrors plaguing the world after an apocalyptic event. Players will be facing monsters and epic […]

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Spawn Coming To ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

Fans of both “Mortal Kombat” and Spawn are rejoicing as the news came that the beloved supernatural hero from hell will be duking it out with other members of the roster of Mortal Kombat 11.         Spawn is the last in the Kombat Pack DLC to be released; the previous characters added […]

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New ‘Someday You’ll Return’ Trailer Introduces Moravian Folk Music

The new trailer for CBE Software’s upcoming psychological horror game Someday You’ll Return is a special treat for those looking forward to the game’s release as it focuses on Moravian folk music Moravian culture plays a big role in the upcoming game.         The trailer’s song is performed by Czech singer Gabriela […]

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Pumpkin Jack

‘Pumpkin Jack’ Is Coming To Save Halloween!

Headup Games has announced their upcoming game set to be released around Q4 of this year in time for Halloween with their 3D platformer Pumpkin Jack where players take on the role of Jack the pumpkin lord.         Pumpkin Jack will take players to a vibrantly colorful world that is peaceful, too […]

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Resident Evil Resistance

Two New Maps And Masterminds Coming To ‘Resident Evil Resistance’

CAPCOM announced more information about the upcoming 4v1 multiplayer game that will accompany Resident Evil 3 on its release this April 3rd. Resident Evil Resistance is a cat and mouse multiplayer game where 4 players have to survive whatever the Mastermind (controlled by another player) throws at them as they manipulate the environment they are […]

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Someday You'll Return

Psychological Horror Game ‘Someday You’ll Return’ Gets Release Date

Today CBE Software has announced an update about their upcoming story-driven psychological horror game Someday You’ll Return, its release date for PC! Console players don’t have to worry; the game will be coming later in 2020.         Along with the release date comes a new trailer showing more of what players will […]

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Game Review: ‘Zombie Army 4: Dead War’ Is Way Too Much Fun!

There is no way I can stay calm and professional about this game… Rebellion just took the whole Nazi-Zombie killing genre of gaming to a whole new level of blood splattering Nazi-killing goodness in their latest game Zombie Army 4: Dead War, the latest in their “Zombie Army” franchise.         To put […]

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