The Walking Dead Reveals Their Best Walker To Date: Winslow – Another Important Stuff From 7×10

A lot happened last night of ‘The Walking Dead’.┬áKing Ezekiel had a run-in with the Saviors in the first part of the episode. The long-haired Savior that demanded Richard’s gun is played by Josh Mikel. Earlier this season he told us what it was like to play one of Negan’s men in an interview. Be sure to check it out.




There are two major scenes on last night’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, titled ‘New Best Friends’. In one scene, Daryl and Carol reunited, and it felt so good. He did lie to her though. He told her no one was killed by Negan and that everyone is okay.



The other was when Rick was pushed down the trash mountain inside the compound that looked like a scene out of ‘Mad Max’ and ended up face to face with a walker that looked like something out of a horror film. It’s head was covered by helmet mounted with spikes, as was its body. The whole point was for the Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), leader of the new group, The Scavengers, to test Rick to see if he is fit to work with. He was, though he did end up with a spike through his hand which could possibly lead to him losing his hand, like in the comics. He also cut his leg. After Rick beat the walker he climbed the mountain and the leader said yes, if he can find guns for them then she and her people would join Rick’s fight against Negan. Jadis informed Rick that the walker’s name was Winslow, was played by Gino Crognale. Gabrielle was reunited with the group who left to go back to Alexandria to regroup.



Last night, Greg Nicotero went on to share some of the concept art and behind the scene photos of Winslow after the episode aired. I have say, in my opinion, Winslow is the best walker to ever grace the series. I mean, just look at him.


winslow 2




On the next episode of ‘The Walking Dead’…


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