The True Story Behind The Annabelle Movie


This week Annabelle: Creation opened in theaters. The movie, is based on the true story of a possessed doll. Annabelle made a cameo in The Conjuring (2014),but she has a true story all her own. Annabelle got a beauty makeover for the movie but the real Annabelle is actually a Raggedy Ann doll.

Annabelle’s story begins in the 1970’s when a mother bought the doll at a second hand store and gave it to her daughter, Donna. At first Donna and her roommate Angie began to notice that the doll would change her position. After a coupe of weeks the doll seemed to be moving on her own when no one was home. The girls would leave Annabelle on Donna’s bed before going to work and would find her sitting on the couch when they returned.

The girls decided to invite a medium to the apartment. The medium informed them that the apartment was built on a field where a young girl named Annabelle was killed. The ghost of the girl was attached to the doll but was harmless. She was very wrong.


Soon after that Donna and Angie began to find little pieces of paper with statements like “Help me” throughout the apartment .It was not until Donna’s boyfriend was attacked by an unseen force when he entered the room alone where the doll stayed, that they knew something was very wrong.

Donna contacted a priest who then put her in touch with Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed was a paranormal investigator and demonologist and Lorraine, a psychic medium. After meeting the doll they determined it was not a ghost but a demon manipulating the doll with the goal of scaring the girls and ultimately possessing Donna. They felt it was best to remove the doll. A priest blessed the apartment as the Warrens took Annabelle away.


Once Annabelle was back at the Warrens’ home the doll would move around their home and reportedly, would even levitate. The Warrens attempted to have Annabelle exorcised but the priest declined.To keep Annabelle and everyone else safe she now remains locked in a case among the shelves of other cursed objects that the Warrens have collected from their cases over the years.The next time you are in New England stop by and meet Annabelle at the Warren museum. 


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