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Bianca Bradey Tells Us About Her Upcoming Projects Including Wyrmwood TV In An Interview

  Today, I caught up with Australian actress Bianca Bradey star the indie zombie hit ‘Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead‘, who I first interviewed back in 2014. In ‘Wrymwood: Road of the Dead’, after a comet breaks up above above Earth, much of the world’s population quickly become effected by a strange illness, turning them  into zombies with […]

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slasher-com-2 Release Date Announced

  The release date has been announced for award-winning indie film ‘‘ from director Chip Gubera as March 7th, 2017.   From the Press Release: Los Angeles, CA –  MuchoMuchoMucho Productions and Firefly Films, in association with ITN Distribution, has announced the March 7th DVD release of  The latest feature from horror director Chip […]

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John Borowski’s Serial Killer Culture

Well…here we are my Little Monsters, we’re in a brand new month. To start off this new month I would like to make a suggestion about something that you really ought to check out. Staring today, March 1st, there is a new six part series from documentary filmmaker John Borowski, entitled Serial Killer Culture TV,  […]

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donnie darko 2

Donnie Darko Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary With 4K Restoration And Limited Theatrical Run

  To celebrate the 15th anniversary of  Ricahrd Kelly’s ‘Donnie Darko premieres, Arrow Films will be unveiling the 4k restorations of both the theatrical and the director’s cut as well a limited theatrical run beginning May 31st.   From the Press Release: Los Angeles, CA – Arrow Films has announced the March 31st domestic theatrical […]

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dark below poster

A Woman Fights To Survive A Coldblooded Killer In The Trailer For ‘The Dark Below’

  Parade Deck Films has announced the upcoming theatrical release of Douglas Schulze’s festival favorite ‘The Dark Below’ as well as the film’s trailer and poster. The story centers on a young woman (Shafer) trapped and struggling beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer (Brown) stalks her from the surface.     Starring ‘Alien’ […]

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Allerleiruh…A Fairy Tale to Make You Uncomfortable

I have done a few articles on Fairy Tales and still profess that they are the precursors of horror.  These stories, though fanciful, are dark, brooding, didactic, and often gory or disturbing.  The real tragedy is that so many of the greatest fairy tales are unknown because Disney hasn’t watered them down yet; however, I […]

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