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An Interview With Actor-Producer Demetrius Stear Star Of The Domicile – Now On DVD

  Actor-producer Demetrius Stear and I recently had a conversation about his role in the upcoming supernatural thriller The Domicile and more. Stear is a busy man between his acting career and the projects he is producing. The Kentucky native spent several years in the US Army before beginning his career in film which is heading […]

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Redbox And Haste Team Up For Video Game Day

September 12 is Video Game Day!  I admit, I am not a huge gamer, but this is really exciting for even the casual gamer.   Redbox and Haste have created a better tandem than Freddy and Jason! Instead of shelling out more than $100 for a new video game, gamers can choose from dozens of […]

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Comet Announces A Monsterous Labor Day Marathon And September Schedule

With Comet TV, you don’t have a monthly subscription to watch great movies. Be sure to tune in, they have a monstrous marathon planned for Labor Day! Run…it’s Godzilla!! The Godzilla features don’t stop there, they will continue all month long! This Labor Day, join Comet for a movie marathon on a monster scale! Starting at […]

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